You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.
I hope someday you’ll join us. And the world will live as one

Hi my name is Teuta,

the heart of my work is inspiring you to shine. I love to see people blossom and grow. And my heart is the happiest when I can contribute to that. 

I love to work for and with people who contribute to a new kind of living. A living that revolves around connection, authenticity, personal growth, freedom and love. Love for ourselves, love for our fellow world inhabitants, and love for our surroundings.  A world that is no longer driven by money, power, productivity, status, ego, and fighting for your place.

My contribution to this new world is supporting and coaching changemakers, lightworkers, and all people who make this world a happier place. Next to being a wingwoman for these beautiful people, I also hope to inspire others by living an authentic life and sharing my insights and inspirations.

About me

Water woman

Diving deep into the depths of life
I think and feel deeply, and often have an unusual approach to things. As I align more and more with my own inner flow, I crave for a world where we all have the freedom to live life our way, not restricted by social norms.

Ecstatic dancer

Loosing and finding myself in dance Dance is my medicine, my love and my life. When I truly dance I forget about everything, feel totally free, and totally alive. I love to share the life changing power of dance and body work with others.


With a soft heart
With my Dutch / Albanian roots I can come across as quite a passionate person: feisty, energetic, playful, direct, and honest. But underneath it all there is just a soft heart that wants to be seen, connect with you, and make the world a better place.


For inspiring people & projects
I am a true ambassador for the people I believe in, and I love to help them shine even brighter than they already do. Whether this is by giving them a confidence boost, a listening ear, a promo video, a stage to shine on, or a big hug.

Dream chaser

Looking to change the world
Although I have felt small all my life, I always had big dreams. I believe that naive optimism is one of the most creative and rewarding mindsets. We have imagination for a reason, let's use it to create a better world.

BEAUTY Appreciator

I naturally notice beauty around me. Seeing someone working with their talent, witnessing a beautiful sunset, or seeing someone being selfless can bring me to tears. It touches a deeper layer in me, and that's why I love to bring more beauty into the world, whether it is by creating a beautiful website, or sharing a dance.