Recipe Mango Mousse Cake

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Mango Mousse Cake On my holiday in France last month our wonderful chef Camilla made a Mango Mousse desert that was so good that I had to try to remake it at home. I didn’t ask for the actual recipe, but I think I came quite close in recreating this deliciousness. Enjoy this sugar and […]

Book Tip!

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Sometimes you come across a book that changes your life, and this book about Heart Awakening truly did. I feel so blessed that this man and his book came on my path. I can’t even begin to describe how much this meant to me. When I was listening to the book (I bought the audio […]

Love Inspiration

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Today I came across this beautiful text by Greig Crippen. I think it’s too beautiful and wise not to share with you. Such a short and sweet text, but so rich in its truth. Do not chase love, choose love.  Do not need love, share love.  Do not fear love, embrace love.  Do not seek […]