Coaching & ondersteuning

Voor wereldverbeteraars, eigenwijze omdenkers
en missiegedreven ondernemers


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Content creatie

Van het ontwerpen van je flyers en social media posts, tot het editen en ondertitelen van je video’s.

Partner in crime

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Ben jij op een missie om de wereld mooier, beter, leuker of duurzamer te maken?
En kun je daar wel wat ondersteuning bij gebruiken?

Ben jij op een missie om de wereld mooier, beter, leuker of duurzamer te maken? En kun je daar wel wat ondersteuning bij gebruiken?

Op zoek naar een mede-creatief brein, iemand die met je meedenkt, een sparringpartner, of iemand die je ondersteunt in je onderneming of je project in drukke tijden?



Need support in your business?

For a few hours a week, a longer period or on a project basis? I am happy to help you with this. Thanks to my background as an entrepreneur and my love for learning new things, I can support you and your business in many different areas: from coaching and communication, to video editing and text. I am located in Ghent, Belgium, but I mostly work online. 

What I offer


Coaching, brainstorming & sparring

As an entrepreneur, you often work alone and make many decisions on your own. It can be great to get a fresh look on your business from a fellow entrepreneur and coach.

Text & visuals

From video editing to flyer design

I love to help you tell your story with text and image. I can edit and subtitle your promotional videos, design your social media posts and flyers, rewrite or edit your existing texts.

Website redesign

Restructuring your website

As an entrepreneur, it is not always easy to see your own strengths, and to translate them into a website. I look at your current website, and help you to bring more structure, and make the process easier for your customer.


Being your partner in crime

After years of being a solo entrepreneur, I am now open for more partnerships. So if you are starting a new project and are looking for a partner in crime, definitely contact me. Subjects that particularly spark my interest at the time are community living, taoism, tantra and authenticity.

My values


Authentic connection is the cornerstone of my collaborations. I believe in creating a relaxed environment where everyone can be themselves, with all their colours, including the dark ones.


Connection is the foundation for all relationships in my life. For working relationships it is important for me that there is a match. That’s why I like to video-call first before accepting an assignment.


Even though it is not always easy to hear or tell the truth, feel free to share your compliments, doubts and reservations with me, I do too.


To be able to support you best, it is important to me that there is a mutual feeling of trust. That I am excited by your plans and personality, and vice versa.

Why work with me?

Creative multi tasker

I am able to pick up a myriad of tasks, from communication to coaching, and from video editing to rewriting your texts. If there is something else you need, I learn fast. And I have a network of wonderful people around me that I can recommend.


Because of my background as an entrepreneur, I understand what it means and how it feels to run a business.


As a coach I will make sure that you not only take good care of your business, but also of yourself.​

VIDEO . GRAphic.

- Portfolio -


During my Media and Culture studies at the University of Amsterdam, I first came into contact with video. By making my own short film, I discovered that video editing appealed most to me.

Thanks to my background as a dancer, I edited many promo videos for dancers and dance companies. Since last year, I have been focusing more on videos for changemakers and lightworkers.

Besides editing short promo videos, you can also contact me for subtitling and translating your videos from English to Dutch.


Translation. Subtitling.

Graphic Design

I have always had a strong feeling for graphic design. In my business, I have always done all my graphic work myself.

In 2021, I took an extensive training in graphic design at the Centrum voor Avondonderwijs, which means that I now use the Adobe package for my design as well as Canva.

Clients & projects​

Thanks to Teuta, my website got a new boost. She helped me structure it and brought me tranquility and clarity. She has a sharp eye: she creates order out of chaos and quickly gets to the heart of the matter. And not only does she come up with the most beautiful things; she also executes them beautifully in text and image. She says exactly what she thinks, and that open communication saves time and energy for both parties. Very efficient. I appreciate her practical attitude and her doer's mentality combined with her eye for detail and beauty. She gets things done, and I could count on her at any time. Deadlines were met, promises were kept and exceeded. I got excellent quality for my money. Thank you, Teuta!
Liesbeth Marckx
Teuta has a lot of experience in entrepreneurship and supporting other entrepreneurs. She looks for custom solutions. For VZW zorgmassage she worked several months as a freelancer to carry out communication assignments. She is strong in social media, websites, visuals, etc. She can bring your message as an entrepreneur clearly and concisely. She works very efficiently, which saves time and money. A great asset!
Eva Boel
Former coordinator VZW Zorgmassage
Teuta as a business coach is able to harmonise the business side and the artist way. She starts with you... and helps you build a strong foundation from there. Her tone of voice is fun and pragmatic, intelligence and creativity combined in one package. If you are looking to combine dance and business, Teuta is the ideal coach to help build your dream.
Liesbeth Alen
Owner Embrace The Moment

Want to work together?

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